Enter our world of unique and authentic beauty, health and lifestyle favourites

Olann Ór was founded by Carrie Nolan in 2015 originally from Ireland the land of beauty and authenticity, hence the Gaelic name Olann Ór, which when translated to English means “Gold Wool”. On a recent trip back to Ireland, after visiting some traditional Woollen Mills and learning about this ancient craft she was inspired to set up a business to sell merchandise of excellence and to get away from mainstream commercial products.

Now residing in Australia, Carrie has brought together a vision of unique products sourced while working and travelling through different cultures around Europe and Australia which inspired her to set up an online platform to showcase aspects of craft and authenticity. Her passion as a merchant is to bring together a shopping experience of beautiful merchandise that has a story to tell of how its made and where its from. So have a look for yourself to see our collection of goods, as a gift to yourself or someone special.

Our Mission

Here at Olann Ór we aim to sell brands from Australian and overseas designers, makers and small producers. Olann Ór was founded on a belief of good design and integrity. We are merchants of authentic.

We will endeavour to sell a selection of good quality, unique and alluring pieces carefully sourced from designers for being outstanding at their craft.

We source the globe to bring you the finest in beauty, health and lifestyle products, made and produced with love and care.